Wednesday, April 22, 2009

(2) The Meme

The meme is about the transmission of Information. It's more than
an idea, but rather something that seemingly can self-replicate
through peoples, groups, and cultures on through generation
after generation. In other words, the meme can *evolve.*

Like much in this world, the meme can be represented as a positive
or a negative. There are copycat memes that propagate certain
kinds of crime. There are memes that can prompt hysteria. Some
scholars tend to liken a meme to a virus! Some scholars, too, think
that religious memes can be some of the most insidious--literally
causing harm.

On the other hand the meme can promote culture. The meme can
convey an evolving sophisticated civility. The meme can be open
to further interpretation. The meme can expand the horizons of

As for my idea of the "Majestic Meme," what I specifically had in
mind was what Church scholars call the "Christ of Faith." Historians
have been able to trace the ever evolving, ever shifting concept of
the Christ down through the ages. This Majestic Meme represents
a steady yet ever more sophisticated approach to this Christ of Faith.
When studied, one can almost sense that this Majestic Meme is
something very much alive!

A great scholar of the Church traced these various evolving concepts
of the Christ down through the centuries. And if I may borrow, I'll
present his list--as follows:

• The Rabbi.
• The Turning Point of History.
• The Light of the Gentiles.
• The King of Kings.
• The Cosmic Christ.
• The Son of Man.
• The True Image.
• Christ Crucified.
• The Monk Who Rules the World.
• The Bridegroom of the Soul.
• The Divine and Human Model.
• The Universal Man.
• The Mirror of the Eternal.
• The Prince of Peace.
• The Teacher of Common Sense.
• The Poet of the Spirit.
• The Liberator.
• The Man Who Belongs to the World.
IN THE HISTORY OF CULTURE, Yale University Press, 1985.]

Upon reading this very informative book, I realized that I was reading
about the trace of the Majestic Meme!

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