Monday, April 20, 2009

(4) The Archetype

As for my so-called Greater Self representing "God" present in my
mind, I had quickly identified the Man-King construct as the Christ.
Of course my analyst did not have to explain the cultural religious
identity I had given this special dream figure. A Child of the West,
Christ was the dominant "Imago Dei" for me--whether a non-
denominational theologian or not!

Of course this particular understanding brought us up to yet another
level of the Psyche: God-Imagery.

I had already been studying different forms of God-Imagery with my
academic mentor. We mainly approached these cultural and societal
imageries via myth and legends. What we were observing were the
various collective interpretations of the Archetype of God come down
through the ages, through cultures and civilizations, In earlier cultures,
a whole society and its Ruler were based on God-Imagery. Maybe
low-level concepts at the beginning, sometimes tribal, sometimes
sacrificial, sometimes eschatological, sometimes cosmic, sometimes

Interestingly, my mentor was becoming more and more fascinated
with future concepts of God. What with our Information Age, our
High Tech Civilization, our venture into Outer Space, our Scientific
Discoveries, our beginning Passage towards Understanding the
Universe--how will all this color new concepts of God, forming new
imagery of Such? This great scholar, fortunately my academic
mentor, had already traced the historical trail of God-Imagery in
his many published books, and now he wanted to take a Futurist

Me too! Based on my dream-work, I decided that I could only
continue my work as a scholar trying to understand God the best
that I could. Unconsciously I had already given over my ego to the
Greater Self, in that I had dedicated myself to further the imagery
of God towards an ever more creative sophistication. Henceforth,
I would dedicate my academic endeavors toward understanding
how God works into our minds, how God communes with us,
how God directs us on into the Future.

I had found my Focus.

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